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24 Hour Club

7:30a AA (o) Early Bird Group

12:00p AA (o/c) High Noon Group

5:30p AA (o) After Five Group

8:30p AA (0) Don't Drink Liquor Club

7:00a AA (o) SAVANNAH     Sunrise Solutions

27 W Charlton St.

7:00a AA (o) RICHMOND HILL     Happy, Joyous, & Free

St. Anne's Catholic Church, 10550 Ford Avenue

7:30a AA (bb) SAVANNAH     Hats Off

Skidaway Island Methodist Church, 54 Diamond Causeway

9:00a AA (o)  WILMINGTON ISL    Men & Women At Work

St. Francis of the Islands, 590 Walthour Rd.

11:30a AA (o) FORT STEWART    Liberty Group
ASAP Bldg 201 A, 808 Worchester Ave.

12:00p AA (o) SAVANNAH Freethinkers/Athiests/Agnostics

Vineyard Church Office, 1020 Abercorn @ Park

12:00p AA (o/bk) TYBEE     Tybee Group

Trinity United Methodist Church, 911 Butler Avenue

12:00p AA (o) HINESVILLE     Had Enuff Group

Red Cross Building (old Fraser Building) 216 Fraser Drive (off of Highway 84)

1:00p AA (0)  SAVANNAH     Brown Bag Group

 18 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA

1:00p AA (0)  SAVANNAH     Deaf/Hard of Hearing

6815 Forrest Park Dr., Savannah, GA

5:30p Alanon SAVANNAH    Promises AFG
First Presbyterian Church, 520 Washington Ave

5:30p AA (o/bk) SAVANNAH Downtown Group

Vineyard Church Office, 1020 Abercorn @ Park

6:30p AA (o) SAVANNAH     St. Mary's Meeting

St. Mary's Community Center, 812 West 36th Street

6:45p AA (o)  STATESBORO   Jaywalkers Group

Pittman Park Methodist Church, 1104 Fair Road, Statesboro, GA

7:00p AA (o/m) HINESVILLE     Liberty Group

Shriners Hall, Highway 196 next to VFW

7:30p AA (o) GARDEN CITY     Garden City Group

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 41 Main Street (@ Smith Avenue)

7:30p AA (o) POOLER     Language of the Heart Group

West Chatham YMCA, 165 I. G. Laroche Drive (off of Pooler Parkway)

8:00p AA (SP) HARDEEVILLE, SC     Grupo 19 de Julio

18822 Whyte Hardee Blvd., Hardeville, SC

8:00p AA (o/bb) ISLE OF HOPE    Hope on the Island

St. Thomas Church, 2 St. Thomas Ave.

8:00p AA (o) WILMINGTON ISLAND     Serenity Group

Wilmington Island Presbyterian Church, 450 North Cromwell Road (@ WI Road)

8:00p AA (o/SP) GARDEN CITY     Nueva Vida

4907 Old Louisville Road

8:00p AA (o/bb) Richmond Hill 3rd Tradition Group

RH Methodist Church, 9050 Ford Ave (HWY 144)

8:15p AA (o/ss) RINCON     New Horizons Group

Grace Community Church, 1094 Goshen Road

8:00p AA (x) SAVANNAH     New Hope

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, 622 East 37th Street (@ Reynolds Street)

8:00p AA (o) RINCON     New Horizons Group

St Luke's Episcopal Church, 155 Goshen Road

8:30p AA (x) SAVANNAH     White Bluff Group

White Bluff Presbyterian Church, 10710 White Bluff Road



X = Closed Meeting (alcoholics only)

O = Open Meeting (all welcome)

YP= Young People (all welcome)

BB = Big Book Study

S = Speaker Meeting

SS = Step Study

W = Women�s Meeting

M = Men�s Meeting

Bg = Beginner�s Meeting

SP = Spanish Speaking

BK = Other Book Study

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